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Profiles and accessories

Profiles, caps, nuts, screws, threaded rods, sleeves, washers.

Brackets, plates, angles, wall brackets and squares.

Perforated strips, nails, rings, flanges, clamps.

Sliding slide, roller pipe.


Bearing supports for wall-mounted sanitaries, self bearing supports for plasterboard, flush tank frames, templates, radiator brackets, washbasins fixing kits.

Collecting boxes

Collecting boxes for floor installations, outdoor collecting boxes, collecting boxes for sanitaries and gas installation.


Hooks for different roof tiles and for industry roofs.

Aluminum profiles, joints, angles, junction plates, central and side fixings, screws for mounting.


Air conditioning

Simple adjustable roof brackets.

Industrial, antivibration brackets, bowls, floor bases.

Boxes for layout of various plastic accessories.






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